At STV|DPM, our methodology is built on three components: people, process, and tools. Supported by years of combined staff knowledge, training, expertise, and experience, our Standard Operating Procedures and latest technological tools ensure that projects are not only delivered on time and on budget, but also in a collaborative way with mutually beneficial results.   


Our experienced project management professionals come with backgrounds in real estate, architecture, engineering, interior design, space planning, construction, move management, and facilities management. We constantly invest in the development of our staff through internal training classes as well as external continuing education programs, certifications, and involvement in industry organizations. In addition to being technical experts, our people are team builders, facilitators, and leaders.


Our process incorporates specialized procedures that enable us to approach each client in a consistent, productive, and efficient manner. This process defines roles and responsibilities, promotes effective communication, manages expectations, and ensures quality implementation. Our proven system is easily customized to meet each client’s unique needs and ensures measurable and repeatable results.


Our tools consist of standardized forms that maintain continuity and establish quality control. We have developed over one hundred templates that support our process and provide uniform methods of gathering, dispersing, and acting on information. These templates address project budgets and schedules, proposals (RFPs) and bid analysis, asset inventory, construction documents, move procedures, and more.

The use of technology and automation allows us to be more efficient, reduce costs, and provide consistent high-quality service. We spend less time “reinventing the wheel” and more time providing value to our clients.

Our methodology reflects over 25 years of experience as DPM plus over 100 years with STV. We constantly refine this methodology in response to new technologies and the changing needs of our clients.